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MONDAY, JUN 1, 2015

CLMHD Strongly Opposes Bills to Change New York Assisted Outpatient Treatment Law

Senator Cathy Young and Assembly member Aileen Gunther are jointly sponsoring a bill  (S.4722/A.1275) which would amend the current AOT statute that would impose onerous new responsibilities on LGUs and raises constitutionality issues. (put opposition memo here_ Senator David Carlucci and Assembly member Gunther are jointly sponsoring legislation (S.631/A.1823) to establish protocols for AOT for substance abuse. 

The New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors (the Conference) strongly opposes both of these bills.

To read CLMHD's Memo of Opposition for S.4722/A.1275, click HERE.

To read CLMHD's Memo of Opposition for S.631/A.1823, click HERE.